Who are we?

Welcome to Linguily, where you can find the best of both worlds: precision and creativity, cutting-edge technology, and the warmth of the human touch

Our mission is to provide you with legal and marketing translations that transcend expectations in four distinct ways:

Human Translation: Our dedicated experts ensure your message resonates fluently in any language.
AI + Human Translation: Harnessing the power of AI and human finesse for swift, accurate results.
Transcreation: Transforming your content to captivate global audiences, capturing wordplays and idiomatic expressions.
Certified Legal Document Translation: Precision and confidentiality are our hallmarks in translating legal documents.

Each member of our language team is a native speaker deeply embedded in their respective markets. They're not just qualified; they're specialists who've pledged to protect your confidentiality through signed NDAs. For
marketing translations, we've handpicked ex-copywriters and ex-agency creatives renowned for crafting marketing and advertising content with unrivaled creativity and precision. Our legal translators are well-versed in different jurisdictions, some even lawyers and paralegals. Every Linguily translator has undergone rigorous selection and holds accreditation from prestigious translators' associations like ATA, MITI, AIIC, and CIOL.

Our commitment extends to privacy and data protection laws, including
GDPR and UK regulations, ensuring your security.

With an extensive network covering over 90 languages and a trusted pool of 1,000+ translators (and growing!), Linguily is your language partner of choice.

Our recognition by industry bodies like
ATC and EUATC attests to our unwavering dedication to our work.

How Does it Work?

Three Simple Steps
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For transcreation or multi-language translation requests, contact us at For all other requests, click here to begin. Answer a few quick questions, securely upload your document - rest assured, your confidentiality is our priority - and you'll receive an instant quote!
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Place Your Order

Once you've received your quote and decided to proceed, simply confirm your order. We will review it and provide a convenient payment link. Choose from ApplePay, or direct debit.
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Translation in Progress

Sit back and relax as our skilled translators work their magic. Your translation will be ready on time, just as promised.
Experience hassle-free translation with us!
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What our clients say

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Linguily has been a lifesaver for our legal translation needs. Their customer service and attention to detail in certified legal translations are unmatched. We trust them for our sensitive documents, and their professionalism sets them apart.

Maurizio Bogino, Director of Maurizio Bogino Legal Firm.

Linguily was a game-changer for us! After trying multiple agencies, their exceptional service and precision stood out. Working with Linguily was a breath of fresh air, and we'll definitely be sticking with them for all our translation needs.

Tommy Bowen, Strategy & Business Transformation Consultant

My experience with Linguily has been nothing short of exceptional. Their unwavering dedication to accuracy and cultural sensitivity has earned them my trust as a reliable language partner. If you are in search of a translation agency that combines expertise, personalized solutions and a smooth process, I wholeheartedly recommend Linguily. Their passion for language and commitment to their clients make them an invaluable asset.

Bernhard Ellmer, Senior Managing Director at Keel Harbour
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In today's globalized world, transcreation is essential for businesses. It ensures culturally sensitive, emotionally resonant, and effective communication across borders. Key reasons to embrace transcreation include maintaining brand identity, adapting to local trends, enhancing marketing, expanding globally, optimizing SEO, and gaining a competitive edge. Embrace transcreation to connect with diverse audiences and achieve global success.
In the ever-evolving landscape of law, precision is the cornerstone upon which legal battles are built. The accuracy of witness statements can be the linchpin that determines the outcome of a case. In today's legal environment, understanding the changing standards for translating foreign language witness statements is more crucial than ever. The traditional method of CPR translations, which involve verbally translating content and countersigning English language documents, is no longer sufficient. The legal community must adapt to these new standards to ensure compliance and the validity of witness statements in court. At Linguily, we can help you with your foreign language witness statements.
Effective global marketing relies on skilled translation specialists who adapt content for diverse audiences, balancing creativity and cultural context. Partnering with a proficient translation agency is essential for success in global markets.
Apostille, Notarization, and Legalization are essential for international documents. Apostille simplifies for Hague Convention countries, Notarization certifies, and Legalization is broader. Requirements vary by document and country, so consulting experts is vital. Linguily offers accurate translations and helps with these complexities.