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Here's a glimpse into who we are and what sets us apart

Welcome to the boating translation agency you've been looking for. Our mission is to provide yacht & boating brands, maritime companies, shipbuilders, and marine engineers with high-quality translations, inspiring content, and custom support. We are committed to delivering seamless language solutions tailored to the unique needs of the nautical industry.

By blending cutting-edge technology, AI wizardry, and skilled human translators who are pros in the nautical sector, we deliver translation excellence without the overwhelm.

Our translators are true experts in their fields; they understand your needs, possess extensive experience in the nautical field, and are deeply passionate about their work. Complementing them is our multilingual project management team, who also treasure the art of translation. At Linguily, we all live, breathe, and dream language. When you choose Linguily, you're selecting a team that genuinely cares about the results, and your words truly mean the world to us.

Common Questions

What is Linguily and what services do you offer?

Linguily is a professional translation agency that specializes in nautical translations. Our services include Human Translation, AI + Human Translation and Transcreation. We offer accurate and reliable language solutions tailored to your specific needs.

How do I request a quote for your services?

To request a quote, simply visit our quote page and follow the easy steps. You can upload your documents, select the type of service you need, choose languages, and receive a prompt quote.

Can you tell me more about Transcreation and AI + Human Translations?

Transcreation is a specialized service that adapts creative and idiomatic expressions from one language to another while maintaining cultural nuances. It involves meticulous research and adaptation to ensure the intended message's essence is preserved. On the other hand, AI + Human Translation combines the speed of AI with the accuracy of human professionals (MTPE - Machine Translation Post-Editing). This service is ideal for technical and informational texts, offering fast and cost-effective results.

How do you ensure the quality of your translations?

All our language resources are native speakers based in-market and highly qualified in the nautical field. They also sign confidentiality agreements to safeguard your privacy. Our copywriters are certified by esteemed associations such as ATA, MITI, AIIC, CIOL, ensuring the highest standards of quality.

Are you GDPR compliant and how do you protect privacy?

Yes, we are committed to GDPR regulations and UK privacy laws to ensure the security and privacy of your data. We respect your privacy and take all necessary measures to protect it.

Where can I find your terms and conditions and privacy policy?

You can access our terms and conditions and privacy policy from the bottom of our website.

Do you have positive reviews from satisfied clients?

Yes, we take pride in our strong reputation. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

- "My experience with Linguily has been nothing short of exceptional..."

- "Linguily was a game-changer for us!..."

- "Linguily has been a lifesaver for our legal translation needs..."

How many languages do you work with, and how many translators do you have?

We work with over 90 languages and have a team of over 1,000 highly qualified translators. Each translator undergoes a rigorous selection process to ensure quality.

What industry recognition do you have?

We are recognized by industry associations such as ATC and EUATC.

Do you have a blog or share relevant content?

Yes, we have a blog where we share valuable insights and information related to the world of translations. You can stay updated with the latest trends and news in the industry.

How can I get in touch with Linguily?

You can contact us through our contact page, where you'll find an intuitive contact form and multiple communication options.

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